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About Dan
About Dan
Decembers Return March on  Sopris Tracks Along the Blue

“December's Return” 10x12

“March on Sopris” 10x12

“Tracks Along the Blue” 12x18

“Summer Ritual" 10x12
"Utah Night Lights" 11x14 "A Seasonal Bounty" 10x12 "A November Phase" 10x12 "A Moments Notice" 8x10
Winters Decor 8x10 Starry Night 10x12
"Signs of the Season" 10x12 "Winter's Decor" 8x10 "Starry Night" 10x12 "November Moon"
Local Charm 10x12 In the Quakies 16x20
"Local Charm" 10x12 "High Country Rocks" 14x18 "In the Quakies" 16x20 "Fresh Tracks" 10x12
"October Light" 8x10 "Spring Blooms" 20x24 "A January Pallate" 12x16 "Colorado Winter" 8x10
"Crystal Clear" 36x48 "Above the Valley" 10x12 "Winter's Hold" 12x16 "Close to Home" 10x12
"Yellow Sky" 10x12 "Barns and Bales" 12x16 "Holdin' On" 14x18 "Excitement on the
Colorado" 8x10
"Seasonal Hues" 8x10 "Crystal River Reflections" 16x20 "A New Fall Coat" 28x34 "Hereford Hangout" 8x10
"Summers Patchwork" 20x24 "Summer Light" 16x20 "Late Summer on the Crystal" 16x20 "East of Town"
"Hint of the Eagle" 11x14 "Spring Thing" 16x24 "Elk Creek" 8x10 "Winter Light" 12x16
"When Seasons Mingle" 24x30 "Dawn's Early Lights" 12x16 "Winter Tracks" 10x12 "Nightly Ambience" 12x16
"The Finale" 10x12 "Across the Valley" 11x14 "A Rain Delay" 24x48
"Autumn Moon" 7x9 "Evening Bliss" 8x10 "Refelections Pond" 12x24
"Smores at the Lake" 10x8 "Laguna Surf" 14x11 "Out of the Shadows" 8x6 "October's Peak" 12x16
"Evening Contentment" 10x12 “The Late Show” 10x12 "When Seasons Cross" 12x12 "A New Winter Coat" 12x16
Just Passed Thru 28x48 West of Sheridan 12x16 November Willows 8x16 Day on the Fork 8x10

“Just Passed Thru" 28x48

"West of Sheridan" 12x16

“November Willows" 8x16

“Day on the Fork" 8x10

A Utah Night 12x12 Getting Late My Tracks 10x12

“A Utah Night" 12x12

“It's Showtime" 11x14

“Getting Late” 10x12

“My Tracks” 10x12

Night Moves 14x14 September Rocks 12x12 Warming the Herd 32x40 Sky Color 10x12

“Night Moves” 14x14

“September Rocks” 12x12

“Warming the Herd” 32 x40

"Sky Color” 10x12